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The sacred island of Patmos is the northernmost of the Dodecanese. It has an area of 34 km and 3000 inhabitants. On the isle of Patmos Saint John the Theologian, the favorite of Christs students was inspired the prophetic Book of Revelations.
In the eleventh century, Hossios Christodoulos built with the aid of the Emperor Alexios Komninos the monastery that towers on the top of the island. The town of Chora developed around the monastery and is characterized by mansions and churches built by ship-owners and merchants. The view from the top is spectacular and the visitor gets a birds-eye panorama of the island’s coastline. There are great beaches and trekking routes for exploration.
Many gastronomical choices are available and focus is on the traditional Patmian dishes. Nightlife is discreet but has something for every taste. Quiet and romantic bars but also modern clubs. Patmos is connected with the Port of Piraeus and other islands. Day trips on caiques to the nearby islands and beaches will be memorable.